After having my first child, getting back into exercise was not that easy for me, I decided to visit Oasis for sports massage therapy sessions to speed up my recovery time between training sessions. The journey back to fitness has not been easy, however, I feel supported by their amazing staff and regularly contact them for advice. The team at Oasis Therapeutic Massage are patient, calm and understanding. I would recommend them to anyone.

Donna J.

I have had the pleasure of knowing the therapists at Oasis Massage for a year and a half. They are professional, observing, caring and knowledgeable. Aside from the physical aspect of the therapy, having a conversation with their staff is akin to having a good talk with a close friend. They do not rush their treatments and they make sure that all the stress of the day is reduced, if not eliminated. I highly recommend Oasis Therapeutic Massage without reservation. I can vouch that any treatment they offer will be of great experience to anyone.

Candido N.

I have known the people at Oasis for many years and often used them for a regular deep tissue massage before I relocated to San Antonio. It was a pleasure having them as my deep tissue therapists, to help me to achieve a work – life balance and as an escape from my busy managerial office job. I wish The team at Oasis all the best as they continue with their therapies and I will certainly visit them again when I return from San Antonio.

Ellena W.